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EmsaNet Managed Services

EmsaNet Internet Services provides businesses with dedicated, Internet access solutions via EmsaNet's and Partners high-capacity nationwide backbone, which has been rigorously engineered for business-critical operations.

EmsaNet Managed Services offers a suite of service level management options (including Customer Premise Equipment) to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Using multiple access methods, the service provides a variety of reliable, high-performance Internet connections at speeds  ranging from T-1 to OC-3. Options include leased line and Frame Relay, and all EmsaNet Managed Services are backed by industry-leading Service  Level Agreements.

Technical experts monitor the network, end-to-end, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from our Network Operations Center (NOC). Our experienced staff will handle everything you need to get up and running, including testing the entire solution for successful implementation. For organizations that want to expand their use of the Internet and Internet-related technology to virtually anywhere in the world EmsaNet Managed Services is the ideal solution.


Reliable, High Performance
Robust, expertly engineered network with the capacity and reach to support any business or application on the Internet

Service Level Guarantee
One of the most comprehensive in the market, supporting our premium access connections and network infrastructure

Quality of Service (QoS)
Globally available, managed QoS enables prioritization of customer application traffic over your EmsaNet Managed Service

End-to-End Problem Resolution
Full management of your Internet connection from premise to the network

Proactive, 24 x 7 Network Management
Proactive monitoring of the network using advanced tools

Fully Managed Provisioning
Entire circuit ordering and installation combined with management and resolution

Flexible Pricing Structures
Pricing based on usage or fixed rates

Scalable Access Options
Access types that range from low-end Frame Relay to high-end SONET connections.

Advanced Features
Domain Name Support, Packet Filtering, Virtual Gateway Support, Statistical Usage Reporting, and Quality of Service at the edge of EmsaNet's network

The EmsaNet platform provides the performance, reliability, and scalability that customers expect from the leader in dedicated Internet access services. EmsaNet Managed Services equips your company to respond to the demand for data-intensive content while taking advantage of EmsaNet's world-class service and support.

The statistics and track record of this high-performance service excel in every way from network reliability to ease of connection, but the price remains extremely competitive.

Years of Internet Experience and Innovation

Customers who work with EmsaNet Managed Services know they are working with a company with substantial experience. We are experienced in fulfilling the Internet access needs of some of the most demanding users of bandwidth, and we are experienced with the Internet itself.

Unsurpassed Network Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

High capacity, scalable peering interconnections, and ongoing upgradeability help to ensure that the EmsaNet Network maintains uncongested connectivity to the world's largest Internet networks. We back this up with Service Level statements committing to 99.98% network availability, an average latency of 40 milliseconds or less in all regions (25ms in North America, 15ms in Europe), and less than .05% packet loss.

Low Cost of Service

EmsaNet's Internet backbone runs on MPLS, the most efficient protocol for operating IP networks. We offer three flexible billing options (fixed-rate, or aggregate). Your company can choose from these based on your traffic patterns.

Global Reach

With over 950 global traffic aggregation access points and 21,000 POP's the EmsaNet Network is widely accessible via all EmsaNet Gateways.

Features to Solve a Broad Range of Customer Needs

EmsaNet Managed Services provides customers with practical solutions to their real-world concerns. The following features are available:

Redundant Ports


Aggregate Billing

Fractional Billing

MCS (Managed Connectivity Services)


Managed Router Services


Port Types

The EmsaNet platform also supports a range of port types. (In addition to the standard options shown below, ATM and Frame Relay access options are also available.)


Service Levels

   Gold Service
A comprehensive, fully-managed, turnkey service under which EmsaNet Managed Services owns and assumes operational management responsibility for the Internet access premises equipment.

   Silver Service
A fully-managed service in which the customer owns the Internet access premises equipment and EmsaNet Managed Services assumes operational management responsibility for the equipment. Advanced options can be selected a la carte.

   Bronze Service
The customer owns and assumes operational management responsibility for their Internet access premises equipment. Advanced options can be selected a la carte.

   Port-Only Service
This is the ideal offer for a customer who wishes to order, install, and manage their local telco circuit. The Port is provided to the customer who also manages their hardware.


Equipment Ownership & Management




Equipment Management:



Equipment Ownership:



Advanced Options:


a la carte

EmsaNet Managed Services with Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) is a means of providing prioritized, consistent, and predictable data delivery service in an effort to satisfy customers' application requirements.

Standard IP-based networks without Quality of Service provide a "best effort" packet delivery mechanism. These networks are subject to unpredictable delays and data loss (packet drop) during times of congestion.

The EmsaNet network has been engineered for maximum traffic throughput. It therefore offers the QoS feature on local loops, where any congestion is likely to reside (and where it is unmanaged).

EmsaNet Managed Services QoS Offering

Four available classes of service

Prioritization of packets over the customer access link

Fully managed solution, available with EmsaNet 's managed CPE services

Global availability


EmsaNet Managed Services provides businesses with dedicated, turnkey Internet access solutions via a high-capacity, global backbone. Supported by experienced network engineers and a global network, EmsaNet Managed Services is ideal for organizations that want to expand their use of the Internet and Internet-related technology. EmsaNet Managed Services makes it easy and cost-effective to expand your Internet presence via reliable, high-performance Internet connections with consistent levels of service.

The Reliable Internet Solution

EmsaNet Managed Services businesses to the Internet via a high-capacity, state-of-the-art backbone, rigorously engineered for complex, critical applications. EmsaNet provides you with reliable Internet services by connecting you to a network built for industrial-strength throughput and performance. EmsaNet's technical experts monitor our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from our Network Operations Centers (NOCs). You can rely on EmsaNet to identify, investigate, and resolve problems around-the-clock. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is one of the most comprehensive in the Internet industry.


A High-Performance Global Network

EmsaNet is dedicated to providing fast network response times. We provide a robust fiber-optic infrastructure using the latest in SONET and DWDM technology and equipment. Our network is connected to major public inter-exchange points as well as direct, private bilateral peering with other Tier 1 service providers.

 An Experienced Operational Support Team

EmsaNet has more years of network design experience. Our experienced support engineers provide end-to-end problem identification, notification, escalation, restoration, and coordination with carriers and other ISPs to resolve customers' problems. In addition to providing the highest level of customer support, EmsaNet's Internet experts are available to answer Gold and Silver service customers, Internet-related questions, at no additional charge.

The Best Internet Value for the Investment

EmsaNet Managed Services provides you with the most cost-effective options. With usage-based pricing, you pay only for the bandwidth that you use, so you receive optimum bandwidth at an affordable price.  

Connectivity Options

EmsaNet Managed Services offers connectivity via a wide range of technologies and speeds.

 T1 (1.5 Mbps):Recommended for companies migrating from lower end access connections. You can use a Frame Relay or fixed-rate T1 with 1.544 Mbps, which is ideal for hosting active Web sites, transferring data-intensive files, and using e-mail to browse the Web.


Multi-T1: Provides multiple T1 access pipes (aggregate speeds of 3 Mbps or 6 Mbps) of connectivity without use of a T3 access loop. Ideal for customers with scalable growth needs.


T3 (flexible up to 45 Mbps): Ideal for larger organizations or sites hosting popular Web servers with Internet applications that require very high bandwidth levels. Available in full or flexible bandwidth increments.


Frame Relay: For customers who are not located close to a POP but want flexible, usage-based access without the high mileage cost. Available in T1 and T3 speed increments.


OC3 (155.52 Mbps): Optical SONET connections designed for highperformance transmission needs. Best suited for customers with high usage networks, hosting, media, application, or network design.


Features and Options (Included with All Service Levels)

  Primary and Secondary DNS (includes support of up to 10 domain names; more names available at an additional charge)

  Customer Service: 24-hour hotline

  QOS (Quality of Service) Support: Four classes of service using the DiffServ standard to provide predictable and consistent performance in the delivery of priority packets

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